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Available openings: Monday-Thursday, ages 18 M- 3 yrs. Please submit contact information if interested. 

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Honey Creek Childcare

Ada, Michigan

Welcome to Honey Creek Childcare - a place for children to grow, learn and play. Your children deserve nothing but the best, so bring them here for an inviting environment that encourages curiosity and fun.

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Our Story

At Honey Creek Childcare, we believe that children are natural inventors, explorers, and self-learners, that when given ample time for uninterrupted play, the child can explore at their own pace and interest. We believe that a holistic approach to education works by developing emotions and functions that produce a strengthened foundation required for a healthy and happier human. Finally, we believe that nature plays a vital role in the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of young children. Incorporating nature into daily activities encourages natural curiosity, intrinsic desire for life-long learning, and innate ability to be citizens who better our world.

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Our Mission

The mission of Honey Creek Childcare is to develop and nurture the intellectual, creative, and human potential of our children through excellence in all our endeavors. We encourage self-confidence and independent thinking and provide a foundation to ensure enthusiasm for life. Through our trust, respect and acceptance of the child, our goal is to help create an authentic child who feels secure, autonomous, competent and connected to the world around them.


Outdoor Play

We believe in the importance of outdoor activity to nurture your child's curiosity. 

Children are innately wired to be in curious about nature and the world that surrounds them. Experiences in nature offer opportunities for children to explore, observe and grow. 


Garden Program

At Honey Creek, the children will help grow and maintain a large outdoor garden. With this experience, our children will practice color recognition, identify fragrances and learn how fresh food takes as they incorporate their foods into the daily menu. 

Studies show that while in the garden, children experience self-directed and cooperative learning, engage in the scientific process and demonstrate nature-friendly attitudes and show increase in their sense of wonder.


Eco-Health Childcare

Our program is endorsed by the Children’s Environmental Health Network as a certified Eco-Healthy Childcare provider. This award-winning and science based endorsement encourages healthier and safer environments in childcare facilities. To receive this national endorsement, we are required to follow the program’s best practices, which also immediately benefit the health and well-being of children in our care. The Eco-Healthy Childcare program focuses on protecting children from harmful chemicals that are commonly found in homes and child care facilities Find out more by visiting

The Eco-Healthy Childcare program assess 30 critical care factors, which include:

  • Using only non-toxic art supplies approved by the Art and Creative Materials Institute

  • Avoiding any playground equipment made of CCA treated wood

  • Avoiding toys containing PVC and bottles/sippy cups containing BPA

  • Using drinking water that comes from a reverse-osmosis filtration system

  • Recycling all paper, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles

  • Creating opportunities to educate our families about healthy practices


Above and Beyond Non-Toxic Environment

In addition to the above, we have gone beyond with practices to ensure lowest toxin exposure for you child:

- Furniture and accessories made of natural materials and fibers are often used over plastics

  • Using low-VOC paints

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning/sanitizing solutions (Force of Nature). Click HERE to learn more about the dangers of conventional cleaning products. 

  • Digital communication over paper printing whenever possible

  • Provide organic Naturepedic crib mattresses and rest pads for healthy sleep. Click HERE to learn more about the importance of organic mattresses. Use promo code WELC10 for 10% off your purchase of a Naturepedic mattress. 

  • Utilize a multi-stage air filter/purification system reducing exposures to viruses, bacteria and harmful VOCs. Click HERE to learn more about the importance of indoor air purification systems.

  • We have implemented NASA Clean Air Concept in which we have more than the recommended 1 plant per 100 square feet of indoor space to optimize indoor air quality. Additionally, as our plants grow, we propagate and replant so the the children can take them home and learn about caring for their own plant. 

  • Washing all childrens' clothing, blankets etc. in Molly Suds. Click HERE to learn about common chemicals to avoid in laundry detergents. 


Organic Meals and Snacks

Food is our minds’ and bodies’ nourishment and source of sustenance. We believe when infants and toddlers start their lives with all organic, locally-resourced meals that are balanced and made fresh daily, a lifetime of good health is beginning and is being supported. At Honey Creek Childcare, we take great pride in providing well-balanced, nutrition-focused meals that introduce a wide variety of food types served many ways for young children. This organic model encourages a lifetime of openness to and enjoyment of food as children learn and respect the relationship food has to our earth and our well-being.

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We strive for quality in the staff we provide, the toys used, and organic and nutritious foods for your little ones. 
The current rate for care is as follows: 1 day/week: $110; 2 days/week: $220; 3 days/week: $330; 4 days/week: $440


Hours of Operation

Honey Creek Childcare is open 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Thursday. We are closed on Fridays.



To protect our enrolled students, both staff and children attending Honey Creek Child Care are required to be fully vaccinated following the CDC immunization schedule. We are happy to provide guidance should you have any questions.

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Our Team

Michelle Cossar

Lead Teacher

With over 20 years experience in childhood education, we are so excited for her to take on the role as our lead teacher and director of Honey Creek Childcare. Michelle has been the lead teacher in infant/toddler classrooms for multiple childcare facilities. Most recently, Michelle served as the Director for a Child Development Center. Michelle earned her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from GVSU and her Bachelor's Degree in Education from Michigan State University. We are so excited to have Michelle apply her years of experience and knowledge to help our little ones grow and learn through each developmental stage.


Brian Jackson


Brian has earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, two Associates degrees and is Child Development Associate (CDA) Credentialed. Brian has over 20 years of experience in childcare, most recently serving as the Lead Preschool Teacher at a local childcare center in Grand Rapids. Brian is passionate about art, music, literacy and nature.  We are so excited to welcome Brian to our childcare family.


Chelsea Hall


As a new mother working full time in the middle of a pandemic, Chelsea was determined to find a solution to quality and reliable childcare. She wanted an educational atmosphere for her daughter which helped with socialization. However,  conventional daycares were not meeting her expectations. Chelsea wanted organic meals to nurture growing brains, a toxin free environment avoiding typical chemicals often seen in daycares, while incorporating holistically driven lessens appreciating the gifts of nature and the outdoors. With no success seeking childcare that checked all the boxes, Chelsea decided to start her own business. During her journey she came across Michelle, a Director at a local childcare center and Brian, a local Lead Preschool Teacher. With Michelle and Brian's expertise and experience in childhood development, the last piece to the puzzle was found and Honey Creek Childcare was created.



Meal tester, toy critic. Boss. 

Though tiny in size, Evelyn possesses a strong and determined personality. If she approves the meal, it’s added to the menu. If she likes the toy, it’s considered. On her time off work, Evelyn enjoys eating dirt, playing with her dog Louie, or picking flowers on her hikes through the trails.



Nature Enthusiast. Assistant Botanist. Fish Keeper.

Selah has embraced the nature focus of Honey Creek Childcare. Already at the age of 1.5, Selah assists with the outdoor garden in summer months, and indoor garden during winter months. She assists with caring for the class aquarium, particularly the African Dwarf Frogs. During her downtime, you can find Selah anywhere in house singing and dancing to her own tune.

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Contact Us

Interested in learning more about Honey Creek Childcare? Please feel free to get in touch, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please visit us on Facebook for updated photos and to see what our kids are doing today! 

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